Emergency Dental Care

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Emergency Dental Care services offered in Deerfield Beach, FL

If you lose a tooth or break a dental restoration, seek emergency dental care immediately. At Century Village Dental in Deerfield Beach, Florida, general and cosmetic dentist Robert Aron, DDS, and the team offer same-day emergency dental care to people of all ages. They can identify the source of your discomfort and help you feel better. To request emergency dental care, call the office, walk in during business hours, or schedule an appointment online today.

Emergency Dental Care Q & A

What is emergency dental care?

Emergency dental care provides same-day treatment for serious oral health problems. If you have a severe toothache lasting for more than a day or bite down on something hard and chip your tooth, Century Village Dental is here to help.

What conditions does emergency dental care treat?

At Century Village Dental, the team uses emergency dental care to treat various conditions, including:

  • Chipped, cracked, and broken teeth
  • Knocked-out teeth
  • Damaged dental restorations
  • Broken orthodontic appliances
  • Cuts that won’t stop bleeding
  • Oral abscesses and lacerations

You might also benefit from emergency dental care if you get something stuck between your teeth, such as a toothpick or a piece of dental floss.

How can I prepare for emergency dental care?

While every dental emergency situation is different, Century Village Dental offers recommendations for three common dental emergencies:

Knocked-out tooth
If one of your permanent teeth falls out because of an accident or a blow to the mouth, pick it up and rinse off any debris quickly. Try putting the tooth back in the socket, but if it’s too painful or won’t stay in place, put it in a glass of milk. Then, call the team at Century Village Dental.

Broken dental restoration
If you have a dental restoration, like a crown or a bridge, that chips or breaks in two, pick up the pieces and wrap them inside a piece of foil. Then, reach out to Century Village Dental by phone or walk in during normal business hours.

Severe toothache
Most toothaches improve with at-home treatments, like taking over-the-counter pain medication or rinsing your mouth with warm saltwater. If your symptoms persist or worsen, contact Century Village Dental immediately. The team makes time for same-day visits and can get you in right away.

How can I prevent emergency dental problems?

You can reduce your risk of dental emergencies by practicing good oral hygiene and visiting Century Village Dental regularly for preventive checkups. 

The team recommends brushing twice daily, flossing regularly, and scheduling routine teeth cleaning. You should also wear a mouthguard if you play contact sports, like hockey or football, that increase your risk of tooth damage.

If you need emergency dental care, call Century Village Dental, walk into the office, or schedule an appointment online today.